Books for Self-Discovery & Life Improvement: 6 Impactful Reads

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The Role of Literature in Life Improvement Amidst my endless journey to develop into a more well-rounded, less unstable human, I’ve found a number of books that spoke truth into my hectic world. Reading is important on so many levels. Reading other people’s work makes me a better writer, it stimulates my brain, and makes […]

Marry Someone Who: 30 Qualities of a Marriage Worthy Partner

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Jon and my one year wedding anniversary is approaching. Throughout the course of our marriage, I’ve scribbled notes inspired by shared moments of transition, fear, growth, and bliss. Unintentionally, each train of thought recorded began with the prefix of “Marry someone who…” inspired by Jon’s character and our ever evolving life together. Divorce rates are […]

Yoga Pose - Wide Leg Forward Fold
Yoga Crow Pose or Bakasana
Tree Pose in Yoga or Vrksasana
Eka Pada Rajakapotasana or King Pigeon Pose in Yoga
Navasana or Boat Pose in Yoga
Uttanasana or Standing Forward Fold Yoga Pose
Ustrasana or Camel Pose in Yoga
Bhujapidasana or Shoulder Pressing Pose in Yoga

"Everything in it's time, nothing before it's time."



"Each day we progress into the person we are destined to be."


Meghan Saul

My first "aha" yoga moment came ten years ago, at an LA Fitness, of all places. I had always been active in gymnastics, competitive cheerleading, and a few unsuccessful attempts at soccer and basketball. In each of these activities, my mind stayed busier than my body. I was honestly uncomfortable with the aspect of yoga that implied my thinking brain was capable of slowing down - until it did. In a well put together class by an Indian man, Dashboard Confessionals came through the speakers. I was surprised and right at home. In the closing postures of that class, my brain fell quiet for just a few seconds. It stopped worrying about my social circle, my obligations, and my insecurities - it took rest and my appreciation for yoga was born.

I wish that from there I became an enlightened young yogi, able to shun my concerns with the outside world and spend hours a day in meditation and asana, though that was not the case. I went to college in Los Angeles and created chaos in my personal life, because I thought that's what growing up was about. Whenever I could afford it though, I came back to yoga, fueled by the "yoga high" I would receive and the safe environments my teachers created.

After ten years of coaching recreational gymnastics, I signed up for a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, which I completed in 2015. I dove deeply into the regimented practice of Ashtanga. For the first time, I understand the role of the ego. It held an enormous power of my life and my practice that I let go. I began teaching a few classes here and there, for corporate clients, at the YMCA, and at a local barre studio. I loved the idea of teaching, but I felt a disconnection from my students. I allowed my ego to creep back in. For a while, I put the me into my practice and into my teaching - two places it certainly did not belong.

Fast forward to 2018. I've reenrolled in a much weightier 200 hour training and have fully immersed myself in the teachings of yoga. I have developed a daily meditation practice, a reverence for the ancient teachings, and an unwavering appreciation for the wisdom and relief that yoga brings. I live and teach from a place of connection. I recognize that I am a student and that yoga offers me countless lessons to learn. In a world so obsessed with living better, I'm glad to know these teachings will always offer their guidance.

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